Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality


Our manufacturing facilities include some of the most advanced plants in the world, with production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 51 weeks a year.

  • Rigorous quality control and testing meet and exceed the most stringent standards at all stages of manufacturing
  • Skilled and experienced quality control staffs are the guardians of our standards and reputation
  • Every facet of manufacturing and operation is continuously monitored
  • Finished products are subjected to extensive quality tests in quality control laboratories for colour consistency, physical properties and product specifications.

Cladding Wholesale is not prepared to sacrifice quality for low-grade products.

Our Commitment to Compliance

National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 | Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires the vinyl wall cladding used for new constructions to comply to Australian standards.

Any vinyl wall cladding, not proven in-writing of having been successfully tested per the Building Code of Australia standards, may not be used or certified, and if used on any property, the property may consequentially become difficult to sell.

Colonial Vinyl Wall Cladding Successful Tests

  • NCC 2019 Fire Tests – BAL rating
  • NCC 2019 Weatherproofing tests
  • NCC 2019 Cyclic wind loading tests
  • NCC 2019 Accelerated weathering, colourfastness and dimensional stability
  • NCC 2019 Thermal insulation

Cladding Wholesale’s Colonial Vinyl Wall Cladding has been tested extensively to NCC 2019 | Building Code of Australia standards, in laboratories approved by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities). Testing is carried out in Australian-based NATA laboratories, where tests are government approved, recommended and generally accepted with OECD mutual recognition.

Colonial Vinyl Wall Cladding extensively tested under NCC 2019 can be found at www.claddingwholesale.com.au/cladding-range/

Compliance Standards - Vinyl Cladding | Colonial Insulated Cladding

National Construction Code (NCC) Compliance
Cladding Wholesale’s Colonial Insulated Cladding
✓  PASSED ALL compliance requirements when evaluated in accordance with NCC 2019 Volume 2 AS/NZS 4859 Parts 1 & 2 to achieve the following:

  • Total Thermal Resistance, RTi = R3.24 Winter : R3.04 Summer
  • Corresponding Total Conductance, UTi = 0.31 w/(m2k) : 0.33 w/(m2k)


National Construction Code (NCC) Compliance
Cladding Wholesale’s Colonial Insulated  Cladding
✓  PASSED ALL compliance requirements of a simulated bushfire attack in accordance with clause 14 & 15 of AS 1530.8.1 :2018 for an external construction.

  • NATA Approved Laboratory BAL Tests
  • Test result BAL-AA19


National Construction Code (NCC) Compliance

✓ PASSED ALL compliance requirements of the NCC 2019 Weatherproofing methods v2.2.1 and FV1 in cyclonic regions C3

  • Test procedures in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS4248:2008, Testing of Building Facades
  • NATA Approved Laboratory Weatherproofing tests
  • NCC 2019 Weatherproofing Verification Methods FV1 and V2.2.1


National Construction Code (NCC) Compliance

✓ PASSED ALL compliance requirements of AS4257.2 and AS4257.7

  • NATA Approved Laboratory Weathering Exposure Tests
  • Colourfastness – UV Exposure | AS4257.7
  • Dimensional Stability on Temperature Changes to 60°c | AS4257.2
  • Accelerated Weathering Exposure and Dimensional Stability Testing


National Construction Code (NCC) Compliance

TESTED SUITABLE for use in Australian tropical cyclone areas (Wind classification C3)

  • NATA Approved Laboratory Wind Loading Tests
  • Australian/New Zealand Standard AS1170 Part 2 – 2002 – AS4040.3 Cyclic Ultimate Wind Load tests
  • AS1562.1 Design and Installation
  • Testing Region C – Houses, elevated and ground level in all exposure conditions and other buildings up to 10 metres high (open rural) and 25 metres (suburban terrain)



Cladding Wholesale standards of quality are readily apparent when it comes to colour control.

  • All colour pigments used in the production are modern laboratory checked using a computerized colorimeter
  • Batch colours are precisely matched to a constant standard
  • Colours remain consistent from batch to batch and year to year


Cladding Wholesale’s philosophy of quality, service and integrity is clearly indicated by

  • Solid training and research programs
  • Dedicated customer service staff
  • Highest quality products available to our group of companies for over 39 years

“Fully tested and retested over many years to be the highest quality UPVC cladding products available wholesale in Australia today”

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