Vinyl Exterior Cladding

Vinyl cladding – choose your coloured exterior cladding

It is time to re-paint the house. You are thinking about whether you should contract the work or do it yourself. Perhaps you could have the stripping done by a crew and then you can paint yourself to save a bit of money. Somehow, it seems impractical when you think about it. The need to paint again will come about in a few years and then again in a few more. Have you considered vinyl cladding for the exterior of your home? It is not as much of a costly investment as you might imagine.

Unlike paint, the colour lasts a lifetime and never requires painting, even at the start our products come pre finished to last a lifetime. Installation is simple and, since it is not wood, it is not prone to the ravages of Australian weather or rot. There is no warping, splitting or rotting, and termites cannot insidiously invade like they will with wood. To top it off, it looks like a genuine wood or stone exterior. So that your home doesn’t look like a plastic box you should consider going with a quality company to supply your vinyl cladding needs. Think about this for a moment. The practicality and ease makes sense.

Vinyl is a type of plastic however vinyl cladding is UPVC which means it’s unplasticised vinyl cladding. It’s texture can be made to take on the look of wood or stone and a variety of lasting colours are available from wholesale distributors in Australia including Cladding Wholesale. Vinyl Cladding is sure to insulate your home, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving on electricity & gas bills. If you want a simply fantastic exterior for your house and never have to go to the trouble of painting again, make the move to vinyl cladding.

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