Wall Cladding Manufacturers

Which are the best Wall Cladding manufactures?

The question of the best wall cladding manufacturers lies in what type of wall cladding you want to get and the budget you have to spare to complete the job for the entire exterior of the house. Some manufacturers produce cladding for both the interior and exterior and some specialise in a particular area of the home. To narrow the focus, let us consider the different types of exterior cladding available. First, there are the most obvious, which would be brick and wood.

These are the most common types of cladding that you will see on a home. Brick is excellent with incredible durability, but it is perhaps the most expensive that you can get along with stone cladding. The amount of labour that goes into completing a brick or stone exterior is phenomenal as is the cost of the material. Today, many Australians are seeking a more affordable option. Wood is common as well and costs less than brick or stone, but it has several drawbacks. Wood can warp over time and it must be sealed, painted or both and this has to be maintained with repeated stripping and re-application of paints every few years. Wood cladding is also prone to termite infestation.

There is aluminium cladding available, which looks nice from the outset, but the colouring can chip off over the years and it is also prone to denting and warping. The best of the wall cladding manufacturers are the ones focusing on vinyl PVC cladding that never requires maintenance beyond the occasional cleaning. It is the most affordable choice and it lasts a lifetime. When buying wall cladding, use a manufacturer that specialises in vinyl cladding.

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