Wall Cladding Systems

Selecting the right wall cladding systems

There are various wall cladding systems to choose from in the Australian market. The most common actual types include fibre cement, wood, brick, metal and Vinyl PVC. Each of these is installed in a certain manner, most with little variety of options for the type of installation system used. Vinyl wall cladding is the most interesting.

Though it might sound as if this would be flimsy material and it would make your house look like a big plastic hotel of some sort, vinyl is actually quite versatile. Keep in mind, however, that not all vinyl cladding is created equally and there are different systems used. Some of these systems are designed well and keep water away from the walls, while others are merely slapped on over existing cladding without any consideration to the quality of the installation.

If you will be choosing from the different wall cladding systems, you will want to find a system that utilises interlocking panels that overlap one another. The interlocking systems for vinyl PVC wall cladding ensure complete water-resistance for the exterior of the house and an interconnection between all panels so that the final work behaves as one solid piece on each side of the house. This not only keeps the water out, but will also create a reinforced structure in which each wall cladding panel holds the other in place. Strong winds have little to no effect on the integrity of such systems and this gives you a house that has excellent weatherproofing that will last for many years to come.

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